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My name is Vasilii Dementev and I am a web developer, DevOps, project manager, and tech lead professional. I enjoy my work greatly and am deeply passionate about what I do.

I like to solve various problems with tools provided by modern information technology. With over ten years of experience in various IT fields, I have the skills and knowledge necessary to fix your web-related problems and make your project a success.

I can help you withServices

Web Development

I develop websites and web services as well as conduct audits of existing sites and provide third-party development support.


Everything that can be automated, should be automated. I design and configure CI / CD solutions that optimize the delivery time of code to production.

Project Management

Previous experience as a project leader has provided me with the skills to manage projects of various sizes. I can work as both a project manager and a technical lead for your web project.

Site Speed Optimization

I have the experience and skills needed to set up and finalize all site systems and web services. I can ensure your website runs quickly and smoothly for all users, even those on mobile devices.

Technical SEO

Use my experience in technical SEO to optimize your site under the strict requirements of search engines. You’ll be able to focus on the content without having to worry if it will meet their standards.

High Availability Solutions

I create a fault-tolerant system that meets all your requirements. It can be custom-fit to your unique needs so your site doesn’t suffer from a basic package.

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